"Tomorrow I told them to go rest or golf or do whatever they want to do...Just relax." -Doc Rivers

What are you f kidding me.  We are down 0-2 and you are telling them to golf.  Why should these f--ups get rewarded with an off day.  And what kind of coach prepares his team like that.  Oh wait, he never really got them prepared.  Not for game 1.  Not for game 2.  Everybody stunk because the coaching stunk.  Yes, Doc was out coached against the heat, and he made Erik Spoelstra look like Einstein.  His substitutions and timeouts are all f--ups, he does not know when to sit these clowns down the bench when they're not performing. (AND THAT MEANS YOU, GLEN DAVIS, WHY ARE YOU MISSING LAYUPS??? MY 5 YR OLD CAN DO IT BETTER THAN YOU! SHAME ON YOU!).

This team did not really came out to play real celtic basketball. They were flat, their defense was terrible on Lebron and Wade. The heat scored 100 points for 2 straight games like it was a breeze.  Lebron and Wade should have been more pressured, doubleteamed every time they got the ball but no, Doc did nothing, those guys were mismatched on defense and they did whatever they wanted to do in the last 7 minutes.  You would think a lesson was learned from game # 1, but no, it was more of the same, because our @#% coach did not make any adjustments at all.  Doc if you are reading this, I have 1 thing to say to you. You s##k.