i'm shocked that the cretive doc did not come up with something a bit more creative than he tripped. coach contrarian would have said tonight its clear who it is to blame. some could point the finger at rondo but i say absolutely not.. if anyone should be suspended it should be GRAVITY. i would give it 2 games and spare rondo!

then again, for putting the refs and league in such a position in the first place, i blame rr's depravity. this dude has a problem with authority and controlling his impulses. can you imagine rr stepping up as pp did tonight when the big 3 are long gone? i say no. he may not be in the position for he's the one most likely to do something moronic to not be there in the first place. i would never build around him as the clear man. i would always want him being the man behind the man. his personality and impulses are right up there with metta world war, stoudemire (immaturely hurting his hand), bynum and others of that immature ilk. he's more likely to be a punkk in those moments when he's losing and things are going away from him than to stand up as a man. he would be blaming everyone around him rather than looking in the mirror.