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    Re: DOC the DIVA?

    In response to ImagydFanBoston-Twitter's comment:

    this is very unbecoming for a ubuntu guy. he's jeopardizing the franchise. i'm sure there are tons of things he should b doing that are not getting done at a high level. if he doesnt wanna coach, thats fine.. dont hold the team hostage! perhaps he wants to b fired so he can collect his $ as well or negotiate so he can coach elsewhere this year. no way if i'm danny. make it clear he would b canned with cause if not in within 10 days and have it in legal writing. time to get tough with the doc. something's up! a new challenge cant mean coaching elsewhere this year.. period! overall, very divaish kardashian-type behavior that doc wouldnt put up with others.

    Always wondered where Rondo got it from...

    Hopefully DA is working an angle to get rid of DOc and save a few bucks in the process. Is sending Rondo packing with him too much to ask for? That would give me goosebumps

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