We got outrebounded 48-33 last night. We have  2    6'10"   players, JJJ and Sean
Williams, sitting on the bench getting splinters in their butts. It's so sad to watch us get clobbered every night on the boards and Rondo is playing as though someone spiked his Gatorade. He looks disinterested. Isn't it the coaches job to make sure the guys are ready to P L A Y    ??

I know you don't like playing the rookies. That requires teaching them and you've said that you don't enjoy doing that. Just for once act like a coach and not the Big 3's best bud. The headlines today said ' Will the Celtics even win 1 Game' ?.
Doesn't that get your competitive juices flowing. Play the young kids for Chrissakes and while were at it why don't you show some emotion on the sidelines. I thought you should've got yourself kicked out last night in the 3rd quarter because of those dumb technicals. Afraid of the fine ? Afraid of winning ?
If we draft your son do you honestly think he'll sit on the bench all year like JJJ and 'Twaun ? I doubt it.
Wake up and act like coach.
Stop being good ole Doc.