poor doc, jabro fans have to move on! ITS A POWER AND EGO ISSUE. many are just ticked that doc dared to leave on his own terms or expressed any dissatisfaction AFTER nine freakin years! the writin was on the wall,  wasnt crazy about rebuilding INITIALLY. was considering taking a year off and wondered aloud if there were other options.. so what? teams look around at their options, y not others in the same position like doc? he NEVER demanded a trade, never said he wouldnt work, never challenged the legality of his contract nor did he just walk away and rudely started other negotiations like tons of college colleges or pro guys like nick saban.

he was HONEST with ainge and his employers. get me out of here if u can, if u cant no problem. if no rebuild, if certain kg and pp are back, no doubt doc would have no issues! DA knowing he could get a first, pounced with full support of wyc and ownership. according to doc (and i believe him), wyc told him point blank in a meeting that he wasnt crazy about paying him 7m to rebuild and if he could land him elsewhere he would.. so again, y is it all on doc? had doc sat there like a jabro, DA would have been taking his shots and throwing his name all over his place to even teams like the bobcats.

in retrospect, if DA could have sent doc to the nets along with kg and pp (with more discretion), i'm sure he would have. oh well... not blaming either guy. doc still says "we" when talking about the celts. its just biz, see doc same way i see pp and kg!