Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

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    Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    1. Ray Allen: He is a lousy passer and a whimpy dribbler. He is afraid of getting hurt and will only shoot when he has the perfect opportunity. He rarely tries to create his own shot. He places for himself and not for the team, especially when he is needed to put up big numbers.
    2. Kevin Garnett is a great player, but plays like a guard. When he plays center he still plays like a guard more than a center. When he plays an inside game he could score anytime he wants to, but instead plays too far from the hoop and typically waits until he has double and triple coverage. This also affects offensive rebounding.
    3. Big Baby takes too many jump shots and so therefore doesn't go to the hoop as much as he should. This also affects offensive rebounding.
    4. Green is a great scorer but Doc has few plays for him and doesn't integrate him and get him more involved. Thefore, he is losing his confidence. Remember some of those games where he was playing great. And then Doc lost interest in him.
    5. Murphy has a good game and then we don't see him.
    6. West needs a lot more minutes with Rondo and give Ray less minutes until he gets his brain back in place.
    7. Pierce is the heart and soul of this team
    8. Rondo can't do it all and be everywhere and be the Mr. Fixer. It's a team game. Don't blame him for all the other suff.
    9. Doc is a great locker room coach, but on the court it seems like he has a game plan script that is set in stone and he can't switch gears when needed.
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    Nice, nice, nice!

    Perfect evaluation of RA and KG. I keep saying KG should just play SF since he plays like one. He's only afffective in the paint when he has another big next to him.

    I cringe every time RA handles the ball. He just isn't strong with the ball.
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    Doc, maybe you don't have a plan but how about resting some guys and running some different plays??
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    Great post.  I disagree BiasLewis about KG.  KG is NEVER effective (consistently) in the paint regardless of who is playing next to him.  I believe he's even more apt to shoot outside jumpers when someone like Shaq is in the lineup.

    If KG scores 4 baskets at the rim in any game, that's a bonus.  He had 4 FGs at the rim and ended up with 21 points yesterday (alley oop included).  We just don't see interior scoring like that from KG on a consistent basis.  KG should be able to score in the paint at will (5 or 6 FGs).  He just refuses to put in the work down there to get his shot.  Instead he'd rather stand outside and shoot 15 footers.

    Big Baby shoots way too many perimeter shots.  He is reluctant to go down low because he's too short and routinely gets his shots blocked.  However, he has to continue to attack and seek contact down there.

    This also contributes to NO OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS.  Good point.

    Ray should primarily spot up and shoot outside jumpers but sprinkle in a drive to the rim pull up mid-range jumper every now and then.

    I think EVERYBODY needs to be more aggressive.  We have to attack the rim more.  We have to go for the dunk and not the lay up.

    We only go up for dunks when we have a clear path to the rim.  We rarely get dunks when defended.  When you go strong to the rim you are more likely to get fouled AND, since players don't want to get dunked on, many players will just move out the way and let you dunk.  However, when you go soft to lay up the ball, many players will look to posterize YOU and that's why we get alot of shots blocked.
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    Ray needs to play twenty five minutes a game and when he is they need to find him.  Delonte should play some of with Wafer getting the rest of it. Delonte will also play some time at point which will give him about thirty minutes.

    Less of Ray will hopefully bring a far more effective Ray. What thirty five year old in the NBA does not see his minutes cut?  Let Ray watch a video of himself doddering around the floor in the second half if he doesn't believe it, the guy is exhausted.

    By the way Wafer needs to play he is a strong offensive player.
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    All those things are pretty much true. However if Perk was here my belief is that those imperfections you cite would be lose noticeable as we would be WINNING BIG GAMES. 

    Having said that no one can ever prove it, and in the meantime we'll need to improve on all those things you mentioned in order to make a playoff run. 

    I'm especially frustrated lately by Big Baby's jump shots. He should model his game after Charles Barkley's, not Antoine Jamison.
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    Docs habit of players he is not quite sure how to use is to have them stand in the corner and watch us run a 4 man offense. At over 60 mil combined the big 4 need to take off their cry baby pants and suck it up and put on their 60 million$$ worth of superstar clothes and play.  
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    Re: Don't blame evrything on the loss of Perk

    All these posts are valid, but I still think that the loss of Perkins is often understated.  He brought intangibles, including attitude and toughness, that this team is sorely lacking right now.  Even if Shaq somehow comes back for the playoffs, he is probably good for 20-25 minutes and is not the defender or rebounder he once was.  I feel DA gambled on this trade, and to this point it has been a bad gamble.  I hope that we can sign Green next year and figure out a better way to use his talents.  Agree 100% with BBD and all his jumpshots.  It pains me to often see his stats as he is getting as many, or more, shots as our true scorers and most of those are from 18 ft out.

    This teams is frustrating to watch with it's often stagnant offense, poor passing and softer than typical Celtic basketball.