Don't Fear The Lottery

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    Re: Don't Fear The Lottery

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    I dont see anyone in free agency that can add to a KG & PP -less team that makes us contenders. 


    We have Rondo, he is our future PG. He is as good as CP3 IMO.

    We have bradley, he COULD be a tony allen, a 4th option on offense and a defensive stallwart

    We have Jeff Green, who can be our 2nd option on offense and a solid defensive player

    We have Bass who can continue to excel, IF and only if we get a true Allstar, Superstar Center

    We have Sullinger who could be our future stud PF.

    We have no center

    We have no bench after said starting 4 post-KG/PP era. JET is decent. Williams is a decent PG, Crawford is an OK backup SG

    Next year: Terry might be past it, as this regular season exposed, Crawford isn't a game changer off the bench (or anywhere else - he's a Danny Ainge-type - can keep both teams in the game at the same time), but maybe Randolph can contribute some minutes. Aside from Williams, the rest can or will be gone. Losing both PP and KG to retirement or trade means receiving not much value in return (even the $$ won't bring instant relief), so I say keep them, add another true point as a back-up, a shooter off the bench, and obviously a real center.  KG can even be more effective at his natural position.  Let PP and KG play 1st and 4th quarters, add rather than subtract talent, and the Celtics can compete.  If they had played the Heat in the 1st round, they still be in it and much of the bellyaching would be on hold.  Without Rondo and Sullinger, this was a very different team.  Next year?  No one knows. 


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    Re: Don't Fear The Lottery

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    I like gordan..but thething is can they get gordan and maybe robin lopez..that be cool....gordan starting 2 lopez start at center...


    Maybe Lopez but Eric Gordon has a max contract and he's just as big as Bradley. Having Rondo and Gordon as starting guards makes the Celtic backcourt small.


    The Celtics will not have KG next year.  I think the chances of Doc and PP returning are very slim.  DA will have to find a way to use this to start the rebuild.  Without KG the core of Rondo and Green will not bring much to the table.  And if Doc is not here, I see a really terrible team. Rondo won't be happy and Green will not lead.  I think DA has to think it is 2007 all over again and move all the pieces. Draft picks, young players and a new coach it will be a mess.