Dont want him...dont need him...

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    In Response to Re: Dont want him...dont need him... : Something was wrong when Jerry sloan had to resign and the Jazz traded D-Will. Earlier today I read a report that D-Will said David Stern is a bully and was always a bully. There's something wrong with D-Will's attitude.  I think D-Will is just a better shooter than Rondo. Other than shooting, Rondo is better overall. Besides, D-Will is just an All-Star PG, not someone you build your franchise around.
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    I have seen a huge amount of DWILL from college to pros.  He is way more than just a better shooter.  He is a complete player.  Offensively, defensively, tough as nails, physical, you name it.  Yes, CP3 has more flash.  But DWILL gets it done.  He is a special player.  He will replace Rondo in the Celtics system in a fantastic way.

    Yes, he clashed with Sloan and he has called Stern a bully.  The whole media circus has been calling him that.  Larry Bird had said that the president knows where to find him.  Don't go by that.