Drooling Over Bradley

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    Re: Drooling Over Bradley

    Here it is:
    A "no-trade" clause can be negotiated into an individual contract if the player has been in the NBA for at least eight seasons, and has played for the team with which he is signing for at least four seasons.

    So, doesn't apply to Daniels.  They can't trade him for 30 days after signing him, that may be the confusion.
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    Re: Drooling Over Bradley

    Well here is what the NBA trade machine on ESPN.com says:

    'after a free agent signs with a team he cannot be taraded for 3 months or until December 15th, whichever is later'

    'must receive consent to trade a player with a 1 year contract, excluding options, who will become an early bird or bird free agent at the end of that contract. If the player consents he will lose his Bird rights at the end of the season.'

    So I think that he can veto a trade

    I know that Devean George used this to block the Jason Kidd to Dallas trade a few years back, then Dallas had to finanagle a new trade w/ NJ

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    Re: Drooling Over Bradley

    After 36 votes, 70% of us think that Bradely will be able to make a meaningful contribution in his rookie season.  24 out of 36 votes.

    Of the 11 no's, 9 said Doc doesnt play rookies.
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    Re: Drooling Over Bradley

    Danny is seeing the big picture and is thinking about the next 5 years with Avery.  The C's need speed and acceleration to play off Rondo the next 5 years.  So what has Danny done-- claimed very fast Nate Robinson, supposedly very fast Avery (according to Doc, "great speed"), and fast Von Wafer.  Avery being good on D agianst short 2 guards is also excellent.  Yes Pierce may have to try and play near as  many minutes as Lebron 10 times  this year-- but too bad Paul- just do it.