DRose struggle

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    DRose struggle

    Bulls not having an easy time in the playoffs at all... Pacers battled them every game, most going down to the wire..  Now they lose game1 to the Hawks...really, the Hawks?

    Rose shot 11-27... and twisted his ankle again...

    I watched some of the game and am still amazed how quick & hard he drives to the basket... Its stunning the control he has of his body and his athleticism... but how long can he play like this before his body gives out???

    Its like playing an NFL game 4x a week... body just cant take it but his does.. only now hes struggling in the playoffs more frequently than during the season...

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    Re: DRose struggle

    The MVP is learning that any team can win in the NBA. I'm sure he already knows that. He is a deserved MVP. Thibs gets the coach of the year and they get busted up. Go figure. Atlanta ain't laying down. No way.