You can't prove that Dwayne Wade fell backwards 10-15 feet unprovoked, wrapped his leg around Rajon Rondo, wrapped his arm around Rajon Rondo, and took him down ON PURPOSE

But two possessions later, inspired by the fact that he got away with the takedown and injury with nothing except a regular foul, he then proceeded to perform an even more blatant takedown of Ray Allen

Like I said, when pestered by a faster player who poked the ball away when your back was to the hoop at the top of the key and you're not moving, all-world athletes occasionally fall 10-15 feet backwards while wrapping multiple limbs around said faster player.  These things happen "by accident"

But Wade's takedown of Ray Allen was egregious.  The fact that it wasn't called as such only further emphasizes the need to assess a more severe penalty