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Dwight or Big Al

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al



    peckovic is as good as all jefferson...scores and rebounds and is tough....dwight probably is lal bound or dallas....


    all jefferson, maybe boston but look at brooklin okl if they amnesty perk, chicago if they let boozer go,


    If kg retires thats 11 million..Paul wont be waved or amnestied...He may retire..or request a sign and trade...maybe sac for a draft pic..sacramento needs a star player..IT would be california..maybe it would work..


    The next thing is look to move lee and either bass or green...look at the numbers...

    moving kg or kg retiring 12million

    bass trade 6 million

    green trade 9 million


    so if the celtics can move 27 million...without trading paul is huge........


    the celtics wont let paul go for nothing..they may trade him via sign and trade..


    if paul and kg are gone...thats 22 million....


    that could bring peckovic here as a free agent..15 million....


    then bass and green or lee...pick 2 of 3 have to go..thats 14 million..


    that can get josh smith 12 million..


    then they have the mle..


    after they can fill the roster with low priced...


    @susan pierce is partially guarantted for next year...they can wave him...but paul isnt going anywhere unless theres a sign and trade...maybe throw mello in...


    so if we look to next year..

    rondo pg. bradley 2g..jsmith sf...sullinger pf...peckovic..c

    bench....terry, then alot of people...


    this is all guess work untill the season ends..

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    Even a limited Dwight is twice the player Big Al is. Would be nice to have to have the latter back for sentimental reasons, but he has proven that he isn't a winner. He would make us a team contending for the 6-8 spot. That is worse than bringing some D-Leaguers and European Cast-Offs and go to the lottery.


    If you can't get Dwight (and he will not leave LA), you better get no one and go to the lottery.


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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    I would like to think that DH would somehow come to Boston and miraculously be transformed into the consumate team player and be able to handle the pressure of playing in the Boston spotlight but I just don't see it. Dwight belongs exactly where he is.


    Not excited about AJ coming here either, but I'd take him over Howard.




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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Looks like KG's going to retire and Ainge will most likely waive Pierce.

    So who you guys prefer the Celtics sign, Dwight Howard or Al Jefferson?

    My preference is for A Jefferson (draft night trade - Pierce to Utah for AJ, Utah can decide to keep, waive or resign Paul, may be what that young team would need next year with Milsap and AJ gone - however they could still resign Milsap) We'd still have to come to terms with AJ but I think he's expressed possibility of returning to Boston which is to our advantage.

    Second Choice - Pekovic from Minnesota restricted but if Paul and KG are off payroll then we could at least put in an offer sheet)

    I've never been a Dwight fan especially for Max $$$$, doesn't bring enough upside to be face of franchise in my opinion, my guess he stays in LA or ends up in Dallas.


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    Re: Dwight or Big Al



    then danny can create a roster slightly over the cap to get the mle..if the perfect storm paul no green and bass...who knows..


    we all agreed..danny has to become trader danny

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    Considering their whole games: offense, defense, rebounding, etc., I think Dwight Howard is the better player.  The Celtics should try to sign Dwight to a medium term contract.

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    IF KG retires and they buy out Pierce....I would make a run at Howard.


    we all know his picadillo's and what he's been called (Prima-donna, no heart,etc).


    but fact is he's the BEST big man availible next year hands down!


    rememebr what they said about the Chief, when he came here.....soft, no passion for the game, will never be a winner.


    I'd go for it in a max deal.












    BU SF (Trade for Lee)

    T. Williams


    SF/PF ( Rookie)

    BU PG ( Minimum FA signee)


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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    Neither. One is damaged goods, and one is mediocre.

    Building a great team will take some time, so enjoy the warriors that we have, and the heart that they display. It will be a while before the Celtics contend again.

    Tonights game may be the Alamo revisited, but we still celibrate the heros of the Alamo.

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al


     I don't know why everyone thinks KG is gone, has two more years on his contract.  Rondo and Sullinger will be back next year and he really likes being a mentor to Sullinger and Jeff Green.  I don't think he'll bail out on these guys like that.


    Also, Doc has never been a fan of Howard, but you never know.

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    Re: Dwight or Big Al

    big al, knows the system .