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Dynamite trade.

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    Dynamite trade.

    This includes a 3 way trade including the Celtics, Clippers and Kings. I trade it on ESPN trade machine and it works.

    Boston receives from Clippers, Lamar Odom,Caron Butler,Eric Bledsoe

    Boston receives form the Kings, Tyreke Evans and D. Cousins

    Clippers receive Pierce and Garnett Kings receive D. Jordan

    I think Danny believes the grinding out of the playoffs will not result in a Finals appearance and decides to blow it up. Danny gets expiring contracts and pieces to add in trades, Clippers get their deep playoff team and Kings get away from Cousins and they no longer wanted Evans.

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    Re: Dynamite trade.



    it looks like something Jimmy "DY-NO- MITE" Walker came up with!