Early Exit In Playoffs.

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    Early Exit In Playoffs.

    We were officially exposed by the Miami Heat, I hate to say this but Banner 18 just might be officially out of reach. The Heat exposed the worst of the Perk Trade Jeff Green, Kristic didnt know what was going on and were constantly fighting for the rebound against their teammates. 
    Green- Has NO DEFENSE, and did no help by turning over the ball.
    Kristic- Looked lost and confused, and couldnt even grab a rebound correctly.
    J. Oneal- Actually looked pretty good out their, showing the Heat that he will not let them score easily.
    A lot of this can change if Green & Kristic sleep, eat, and pray with the Play Book and FOCUS on DEFENSE.
    So the First Round will either be Knicks or 76's, we can possibly make it through the first round but be eliminated in the second with either Knicks or Heat.
    Any comment, suggestions, objections are welcome. Just not rude ones.
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    Re: Early Exit In Playoffs.

    MrTrippleDouble I love that name!  When was the last time the Celtics had a legit player to produce a triple double?  Scary when you have Rondo as our only threat for one.  And please don't anybody tell me Pierce is a threat to get 10 assists in one game.  Almost anyone who has a sense for the game will agree with you on all points except the one where things can change if Green and Krstic study play book.  If they haven't picked it up by now its doubtful they will grasp it by playoff time.  From the last game on Wed. Doc has 3 maybe 4 days to get his head out of his a s s and work the players into playoff basketball mindset.  Doc has all the talent in the world and I'm fed up with all the excuses.  He gets paid big bucks to man this ship and no one else is going to come walking through a door except maybe a Shaq for 10 minutes per game if he's lucky!