As I start this, there is still 5:00 to go in Game 3 vs the Wizards.  I definitely don't think it is time to panic with the play thus far this season, as there are a number of new faces here who need to be integrated into the system and need to "buy into" the system.

But here is what I think so far:

1. DEFENSE...The Defense SU#$ terrible so far.  I think this will change once the newer guys get more integrated, but there have been gaping holes in the defense that haven't been there in years past.  Can't blame this on Ray's departure, because he wasn't the defensive stalwart of the group ( although, I do think the team misses Ray Allen).

2. Rondo (whom I love) is not pushing the pace.  I see him walking the ball up the floor way too much.  So much has been said about the team now having "the horses" to run with Rondo...well he has to push it and run with them.  Run it off made baskets as well as turnovers and other out of bounds plays. He is the floor leader and he needs to make the team play with him....especially the younger guys when they are in there with him.  Especially now, with the defense not in sync, we need to be able to score the ball easily on offense.

3. Lee.....he is the starting 2 guard right now.  He needs to be integrated into the offense.  There was a play in the Bucks game early that had him curl off a screen and hit a 15-18 foot jumper from the extended elbow.  Run these curl plays for him...same ones that Ray would get when he was hot.  Get Lee involved early...the mid-range game can open up his 3-point game and his driving game.  But there has to be at least a concerted effort to run some plays to get him involved.

4. above... gotta get him involved.  He will be the anchor of the 2nd unit.  When in Dallas, they ran plays for him, and he was able to score.  Doc MUST run plays to get Terry to score.  The second unit must have plays run for Terry and Green.  If they are the threats of the 2nd unit, then the other guys (bass, Sullnger, Wilcox, etc) will have a better opportunity to step up and be productive offensively.  Defensively, they must go all-out all over the court.  So far, I have seen Eddie House (not known for his defense) play more aggressively on the defensive end than guys in the second unit so far.

Anyway, we will see what happens in the next 10 games.  No need to panic yet, but the team needs to establish an identity and can't get too far behind by losing games early in the season.  Home court will mean alot in the post-season.