Easy fixes to tanking, the lotto, and playoff issues

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    Easy fixes to tanking, the lotto, and playoff issues

    Much of this is taken from Bill Simmons but with a few of my own adjustments.

    1. No more East meets West in the finals. It works in baseball with AL/NL b/c of style of play differences. It works in the NFL, the league with the most parity and roster turnover, as well. Not in the NBA.

    2. Teams are seeded by record 1-16. At the end of the season the teams with the 12 best records are locked into seeds 1-12. 

    3. The next 16 teams play an NCAA style tournament to determine seeds 13-16. After the last day of the regular season there is a day off, then they have 4 rounds. The first game is at the higher 8 seeds home court to help the clubs w better reg season records. After an off day they play 3 straight at Madison Square Garden.

    4. This also gives the 12 teams with a legit shot extra rest. Let's face it, the worst 4 teams in the playoffs are not winning titles. They are there for experience and so the owners get some $ from an extra 1-3 games.

    5. The first rd of the playoffs starts after a day off after the tourny and reverts back to a 5 game series. Seeds 1-4 playing the 4 teams that just placed top 4 in the tournament have a 2-1-2 playoff format to reward them for their regular season and protect them after a week of rust/rest from running into a team hot off the MSG tourny. The 5-12 seeds play a 2-2-1 format like in the old days.

    6. The teams with the two WORST records CANNOT win the lottery, are automatically slotted into picks 4 and 5, and have to sit out what Bill Simmons calls the 'Entertaining as H--- Tournament'. Who wants to tank for that?

    7. The 12 teams that do not place in the Final Four of the tournament have lotto odds for the top 3 picks that are more like the pre-'92-'93 Magic winning in back to back years odds. Like 20%-17%-14%-12%-10%- 8%-6%-4%-3%-2%-1.5%-1-% something like that.

    No more tanking, no more weak conference/strong conference situations, a greater chance of the 4 teams that win 57-63 games every year being the final 4 standing (and likely 3 would be from the west using today's NBA as an example) AND at the expense of the 3-4 series in rd 1 that go 6-7 games each year (say 8-10 games max gained from expanding rd 1 from best of 5 to best of 7) the league/fans get 15 games featuring 16 teams instead all in NYC for a 3-day weekend. 

    This would totally solve two problems the NBA in my opinion. 

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    Re: Easy fixes to tanking, the lotto, and playoff issues

    The vast majority of fans like the East vs. West format, it's what they've grown up with and are used to. This will never change.

    The NBA started this abortion when they routinely stuck their faces into the process to steer choices to big TV markets (Patrick Ewing to NYC, for example). They should simply resort to worst record gets best choice. You trade your #1, you simply lose your #1. It works in the other pro leagues. Keep it simple. The NBA fixed a system that was never broken. They are to blame.

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    Re: Easy fixes to tanking, the lotto, and playoff issues

    How about everybody makes the playoffs, but the first teams eliminated that got the most points scored in their series get the best odds in the lottery?