Entirely Predictable Loss in Miami.

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    Re: Entirely Predictable Loss in Miami.



    I followed the off-season-pretty closely and the articles about Ray and the move. I''m also aware of how the Boston PR department works having seen it discredit many former players after they left. I never intended to make people re-hash the whole Ray goes to Miami thing, just to make it clear where I stand.

    I don't blame Ray or consider him a traitor - he long ago stated for the record thaqt he loved it here and wanted to retire a Celtic, but the relationship irrevoccably brokedown and like any divorce there are two side to the story and feelings get hurt. I'm not out to change anyone's mind or re-hash it, and Ray remains a favorite of mine.  I get emotionally attached to players and remain loyal.  I still miss Perk.  

    But I understand it's a business and you got to be able to move on.  I support the team we have now, and that includes our elite, top-five point guard, Rondo, he of the irratting flaws but easliy the most intereesting point guard to watch in the NBA.


    Ya can't look much, can ya, Man.

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    Re: Entirely Predictable Loss in Miami.

    I am a huge UConn fan, Ray was my 2nd favorite player to EVER play there, I will always be a fan of his, watched and enjoyed his game for almost 20 year now.

    But when it comes to his 'divorce' from the Celtucs he is 100% more to blame than any player, coach or front office person on the team. The discredit you talk about is a Red Sox thing, not a Celtic or Patriot thing. There is no need to rehash each detail but rest assured it is impossible for me to accept that anyone who really knows all of them could actually side with Ray. His behavior has been pathetic.