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    I find it amusing how "Player X" says Garnett is not tough and nobody is afraid of him, yet he is afraid to make his identity known. I doubt it is Noah, because as much as I dont like him, the man doesnt back down and would at least put his name to comments like this. He has already in the past, so why would he hold back now?
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    30 teams multiplied by 15 players equals 450 players, minus 15 Celtics players equals 435, wag 50%.... 218 players could have written it and believe it..... there was also a national writer that wrote not too long ago that KG is a bully and a punk and never picks on anyone his size and also tends to pick on the foreign born players...........  so a player says he thinks it and he is not the only one and a national writer writes it and if he were still in Minnesota most people on BDC would be saying but of course he is wearing green so it cannot possibly be true and whomever said it is a a hole....... lmao
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    Re: ESPNs magazine PLAYER X

    It was Noah.  They've been talking about this for two days now.  And they took his words wildly out of context.  Noah supposedly said, in response to a direct question, that KG isn't as tough on the court as people make him out to be. 

    All of it is a non-issue, nothing more than an attempt to try to get under KG's skin.  It won't work.