As I am sure everyone feels the same way about bringing on Lee! Great move.

I am a little bummed that E'Twaun had to be involved. He has been showing a lot of promise in the SL and I have come to really like him. But who knows, maybe because of his good play is what finally got Houston to bite on the deal. With Rondo and Bradely our likely starting backcoust for a while I guess we don't need to gamble on him becoming a stud or not.

Anyway, now we have room for a guy like Christams. This man has been stellar in SL. A big 6'5'' agressive guard who can do it all. I didn't think we would have room for him. But this trade just cleared out 1 if not 2 spots on this team. I would love to see Christmas in Green next year.

In addition to Christmas we can still get a big for the BAE and even bring back Pietrus for some extra insurance at the wing postions.