We bust out of the gate to double digit lead in the first. Enter: Bench (in mass substitution pattern). Bench loses the lead. We come out in the 3rd and the starters get us another nice lead. When they hit the bench, the lead evaporates, and the starters are forced back into the game too early in the 4th. They are beat and discouraged watching their cushion eroded. Witness the baseline jumper from RA last night somewhere around the 3 minute mark (???). He had no elevation to his jump shot and we all know with Ray, that spells disaster. I don't think he hit the rim on that shot. I know, I'm over simplifying, but it seems to me the substitution pattern could be handled better so we don't completely lose our cohesiveness. 

Thursday game is the biggest game of the year for this team. A solid win could turn things around and bring back that confident Celtic team we all love