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Give KG all the time he needs.  We don't need him in December... We need him in May/June..  As they proved last year, this team is capable of "flickin a switch" and being truly dominant.    Doc knows this.  He'll use it to his advantage.  The guy really knows this team and knows what they need to be healthy when it matters.  
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I totally agree.  Even if this is a calf injury he'll need more time that 2 weeks to rehab fully.  If they do bring him back, I'd like to see him play maybe 10 or 15 minutes a night for a few weeks to stay in playing shape, but to let his body heal all the way.  A calf pull like that is usally an overuse injury - so, it could have been prevented if they were limiting his minutes a little better.  Ray and Paul are playing too many minutes as well, hope the coaches take note of this injury to think a little about preventing the next overuse injury.