Everyone chokes on these NUGGETS, could they go all the way?

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    Re: Everyone chokes on these NUGGETS, could they go all the way?

    Yes, the Denver Nuggets could make it all the way to the Finals.....it would not be shocking or a dissapointment either.

    This season's Denver Nuggets are the Boston Celtics of the Western Conference

    They built their current team by dumping overvalued assets (Carmelo Anthony), they have a young big man who is the closest thing to KG (Kenneth Faried) , they have an explosive point guard who gets bigger as the games get bigger (Ty Lawson) , Gallanari may not be Paul Pierce, but he is damn close and one of the few unstoppable scorers in the NBA , they have a tough young center who is better than Perk was for the Celtics (JaVale McGee) , and finally - they have a master motivator and strategist, one of the top 5 coaches in the NBA in George Karl

    Yes, the Nuggets are that good......keep in mind , the injury bug is still flying around, no one knows who will be able to play when the playoffs roll around - Imagine OKC, The Spurs or The Lakers losing one of their top 3 players at this stage......

    The Nuggets are going to be a tough out ,    they absolutely remind me of The Celtics and I can't wait to see them take out one of the more hyped Western teams....