I'm not upset we lost but in the way we lost. How is it possible that the team with the most playoff experience makes the same stupid mistakes two games in a row. Jump shots galore, turnovers, missed layups, poor coaching, etc. How many shots in the paint did KG have in the second half? Please someone, how many? For the Celtics to go forward, they need to start from scratch meaning trading Rondo for cap room and saying goodbye to Ainge, Rivers and his staff, Shaq, JO and everyone in the bench except for Kristic, Big Baby (now that his value has gone way down) and Green. Celtics must make their priority for 2012 to sign both Deron Williams (Chris Paul will go to the Knicks for sure) and Dwight Howard and ask Allen and KG to take a significant paycut just like Shaq did. Unfortunately, we are left with Pierce which I know will be untouchable for the rest of his career. What do you think?