Fierce can't help himself

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    Fierce can't help himself

    So he is wrong, we all know he is wrong but he can't back down. This is like when he lost the bet last year and renegged. We get that you need to prove you are smartest person in the room when you clearly are not but come on man have a little self respect. At this point if I were you I would just not post for awhile and hopefully people will forget how big of an fool you were.

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    Re: Fierce can't help himself

    Hahahaha, are you trying to ask a mentally ill person who has turned this forum into his ENTIRE life to man up and admit being wrong or change his appraoch here?

    Just put fierce on ignore as I have, I know little of what fights he is picking, posters he is bullying or topics he is putting his foot in his mouth over these days, b/c he's on ignore. Does he attack me daily? Who knows. I see his mostly obnoxious thread titles and sometimes his comments in others replies, but that is it.

    The man is just a loser, plain and simple, he gets his only feeling of self-worth in the world through an internet forum, one where 90% of the members can't stand him. I pity the guy.

    Just ignore him fellow BDC/Celtic fans and your time here will be more enjoyable as mine has been the last 4-5 months.

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