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Finally Doc Speaks Out

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    Re: Finally Doc Speaks Out

    Sorry, jdm, but your passionate argument is not fact based.  Like the rest of us, its just your opinion (which I respect, but its just your opinion) because we'll NEVER KNOW whether Perk would have made a difference.   He just may have been a difference maker afterall.  Perk would only bring Picks and rebounds and defense - but horrible offense.  he know the plays and when to go for rebounds and when to help.  Given our big men ran out of gas, maybe Perk's playing 25 or 30 minutes would have given them more rest while still having a big man on the court.  BBD wouldn't have been relied on so much to try to stop Anthony's rebounds - it would be Perk.   

    Of course there is no guarantee that we win with Perk.  I am not hearing anyone argue that.  We're all just saying "why break up a winning formula in the middle of a season where the team was playing so well?".   The need for a back up to Pierce could have been satisfied with a much smaller deal.   You are right that injuries and offense (turnovers, actually) hurt us, but so did rebounds and defense and that's where Perk might have helped!

    In the long run, it might be a great deal.  I think it was a smart long term move.  But, imo, it was a BAD short term gamble to break up the team like Danny did in the middle of a great run (we had the second best record and were counting on people getting healthy by year end but instead - we lost Perk and got injuries to many other players, most notably Shaq).
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    Re: Finally Doc Speaks Out

    Karl makes a very good point about the timing of Doc's comments.  It's the same old thing with Doc - don't blame me it was someone else's fault.  It was Danny.  It was Shaq.  It was Rondo.  It was BBD.  The injuries.  The age. Blah, blah, blah.

    If Doc is to be believed, we would have done better with no back up at the 3.  I'm sure PP and RA could have just played more minutes in both the regular season and the playoffs.  That would have negated Lebron and Dwayne, because Perk would have been in the middle.

    The team was not prepared.  Plain and simple.  We had 2 months from the trade deadline and rolled up losses not because we were integrating the new guys, but because we burned out the old guys.  We had a week of rest before the Miami series and still did not stretch the bench to minimize our age.  Reason being, Doc didn't plan to integrate the new guys.  Doc was going with the old guys.  After all if we are too old or too hurt, who can blame Doc for the loss.  It was clearly the players.  Now it is clearly Danny.

    In my opinion, Doc's statement, is actually an indictment of himself. He had plenty of time to get the job done. He didn't.