Fire ainge

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    Re: Fire ainge

    We had a choice of a player who can shoot lights out, plays little defense, and is  a ball hog. Or someone who can score, plays defense at both ends, and rebound. The knock on Johnson right now is that he's too thin. Well, I'm sure the Celtics will put him on meal plan to gain some weight as well as weight training. As Doc said, he reminds him of a young Horace Grant.
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    Re: Fire ainge

    It has also been reported that his frame is naturally small and may not be able to support too much more weight.  And his game and playing style is not banging away in the paint, and we may not want to change him to something that may not suit him best.  If being quick and playing a little away from the rim is what he does best, then that might be what he needs to do.