Fireworks huh......

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    Fireworks huh......

    Doesn't look like the big, bright, pretty kind. Snakes and sparklers? Where's the good stuff man? We need stuff that goes KA-BOOM!!!!!

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    Re: Fireworks huh......

    In response to Mployee8's comment:

    This guy's been reading my posts ....

    Anthony Morrow
    The Celtics certainly need to find some threats from outside. And what better than to find exactly that in an affordable price? Anthony Morrow is shooting at a 45.8 percent rate from three-point range this season and he has a player option worth $1.1 million next season. He is expected to opt-out and Boston could have a good shot at him.


     I like the steal Jordan Hill idea but only if Hump isn't resigned for MLE money.


    BTW, that story said nothing about "fireworks." He's just looking at free agents that might fit team needs. When he's done shooting off the firecrackers move on to the roman candles and rockets ... #1 pick etal for Superstar!

    Agreed...the climb back begins with a M-80, a blockbuster, not a weeny firecraker from some over the state line joint in Seabrook N.H.

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    Re: Fireworks huh......

    Did you guys not get the "Joe Dirt" quotes? Oh well, anywho. It wasn't to express my feelings on the matter. Just that a couple days ago, talk was centered around Ainge making "fireworks" this summer with a deal or two (or that he'ld like to). Then when you see this list..... no "fireworks" there. I'm not saying I wouldn't like A. Marrow or any of those other guys. Just thought the "fireworks" article and this list coming out a couple days after was kinda funny. NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!

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    Re: Fireworks huh......

    Hayward would be fine if we get rid of AB or Green in the process.  Otherwise, pass on all of them.