For RR haters the choice is clear?    Either start appreciateing Rondo's talents and stop rooting against him and stop hoping to trade him away...    OR  stop claiming to be a Celtics fan!   If this series proved anything it is that Rondo is the key for this team...  (and will be going forward).   Rondo IS the Celtics!

   Pud?  just might cross over from the dark side,  Dud?  too in love with his own voice to hear how idiotic he sounds....         Acie... just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself - equating free throw stats with greatness,,,   lol.   

Rondo is a special talent..  we should support him and appreciate what he brings..        Go Celts   

BTW   same goes for the Doc haters!  He is clearly a top tier NBA coach, we are fortunate to have him leading the Celtics.