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Forget the Clippers. Walk away Danny!

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    Re: Forget the Clippers. Walk away Danny!

    In response to Mployee8's comment:

    Let's see ... Should Danny walk away from the trade but let Doc leave for a draft pick or two then see KG retire after waiving Pierce that would put the C's Team salary where?

     $73MM   Team Salary 2013-14'

    (11.6MM) KG's upcoming salary

    (15.3MM) Pierce's upcoming salary

      5.0MM   Pierce's garanteed contract


    $51.1 MM  Team Salary After KG/PP gone ....


    This provides only $7MM for a FA and we'd lose the full MLE .... Not so good for rebuilding !!!

    but can't we AMNESTY Pierce and them have $12M for a FA?


    granted the owners would be on the hook for Pierces' full contract, but just asking.


    I thought once you were at the cap you could still use the MLE aslo?

    so we can sign ONE player at up to $12M/yr and aother at $5M?


    not to mention moving Terry for a ham sandwich.

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    Re: Forget the Clippers. Walk away Danny!

    None of us actually what's going on ,including myself. One thing for sure is that if KG wants to play with Doc in LA,I would rather get Jordan,Butler and next years first and this years second for KG,Terry and they can have Doc. Jordan only saves us 1 mil a year whooopeee, Butler however can be very valuable for  2 reasons 1 he has an 8 mil expiring contract that we could trade on draft night or mid season 2 He's not a bad player to have for a 1/2 year or even the whole year. If KG retires we still have him on our cap,even if we amnesty him we still have to pay him and 22 mil is a lot no matter how much you have. I'm tired of this situation and if doesn't get done by noontime today I don't think it happens and then both teams look bad. I would love to have had Bledsoe as a chip or plan B if Rondo isn't ready and the fact that after all we've done for Doc he doesn't think the Clips should let him go,isn't that tampering? Also I don't have a problem with keeping Lee, I think Doc was more to blame for his inconsistentcy than Courtney. If we don't have KG next year or PP and a new coach ,Karl preferably we still make the playoffs,if we do and Doc is still here we do worse than last year and we have KG on the books for another year. The Clips don't want Terry we don't want him either but if we give up on Bledsoe and get rid of Terrys contract I'm good with it gives us some wiggle room this year and cap room next year. Just because Doc and KG want to play with PP is a problem for them not a us. I say give them enough rope to hang themselves with. Having this grag out past today hurts both teams Clips can't get Howard so CP3 walks,Doc really can't come back to coach the Cs and tarnishes his reputation when he can coach another team and we have to either pay a retired a retired  KG for 2 years or have to keep PP,KG and Terry money that could be used for better now and cheaper players. We make this deal we're better off with or without Bledsoe. We make this deal and we have a lot more options for more deals this offseason. I also have a lot more faith in DA than Doc also. I said down the stretch last year that Doc was just mailing it in I guess I was right,wish I wasn't but I was.