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    Lets not gloat too much.  Just two weeks ago we were sure the heat were going to collapse as well.  Lets not fall in the trap the rest of the league fell into last year re the celtics.
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    Wow, quick stats P34!

    I had totally forgotten about Powell and Mbenga and honestly wouldnt have guessed they saw that much playing time last year anyway.  

    I really felt that two summers ago the wackers did a better job during the offseason than we did (even though Sheed played pretty darn well throughout the playoffs), and we paid dearly for that 'oversite' this past June. The acquisition of Con Artest, specifically, was motivated entirely, imo, for a rematch with the Celtics (not Orlando, Cleveland, or anyone out west).  And he did a good job limiting Pierce, unfortunately, in the finals.  This off-season our acquisitions seemed to be dicated largely by how best to respond to their lineup. In each front office theres an 'action - reaction' volley going on between these two teams and I think youre right that we have the upper hand this round.  And who am I to complain if wacker management's miscalculation pays big dividends for the Celtics this year.  Win or lose, DA did a damn good job and was wise to focus on countering the inside strength of the lost angels.  

    Thanks again for your response.

    Go green. 
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    How is the best way to snap a 4 game losing streak?  Play one of the worst teams in the NBA on your home court.
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    In Response to Re: FOUR-PEAT IN DECEMBER!!!:
    Don't take any offense RUWorthy you are a terrific poster and a true fan of your team. Nobody is trying to stick it to you with this. They are directing it at these fake Laker fans who didn't even know who George Mikan was.
    Posted by DFURY13

    I know. It's actually been nice and peaceful for a while.

    I don't get the mentality of a Troll, they're usually ignorant types and only like annoying others, getting a cheap thrill from behind their keyboard. I hope for their sake that the ones who frequent here are under the age of 15.