Front office must want lottery next two years

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    Re: Front office must want lottery next two years

    The Doctor is correct. The reason we aren't getting Love is because of Flip Saunders, not Taylor.  Flip only cares about his own W/L record. Not about actually competing in the playoffs or making the TWolves better long term.  That's why he wants mid-level established players not picks and prospects.  He probably figures that after Love is gone, he will be fired (again!) and he will just try to eek out a .500 record to put on his résumé.

    Our established players basically look like a grab bag of bums to anyone outside of Boston.  Green is overpaid and has no heart. Now Bradley falls into the overpaid underskilled catagory as well. Sully is a mid level starter at best with a ton of physical detriments. Olynyk was a rookie last year, and although he is skilled as heck, on paper he is still a short armed, unathletic tweener that is a below average defender.  We wouldn't trade Rondo to get Love because the pairing of those two would be the whole point of the move.  After those guys who else do we have? A bunch of Dleaguers, a couple bad contracts, Mr. average Brandon Bass (nobody wants that guy)  and an undrafted 5' nothin PG.

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    Re: Front office must want lottery next two years

    In response to cabutan's comment:

    Its ok. At some point we will be relevant again. I always liked Brad Stevens and his ability to do alot with not much. Perhaps at some point we will become that Cinderella team that would go on to the 2nd round and have a "glorious" exit..hey, Atlanta did it this  year, why cant we??  but I dont know if Brad Stevens is convinced to build around Rondo and that must be limiting!!

    well he better learn to do more with less than he had last year, I just wish we had a team that at least had a chance each night to be competative.