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Fundamental Camp??/

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    Fundamental Camp??/

    Take his injury away ok, but can someone tell Rondo to work on his stupid bone head plays? Start of overtime stupid pass right off the back.  How about on the fast break he throws a stupid one handed 100 mile a hr pass to Green. OOO did I mention he threw the ball behind him (4-1 fastbreak)?  Rondo needs to attend a a jumpstop camp with Mark Jackson and John Stocken.  I'm not saying he ain't good, but what i'm saying he needs to get better with cutting down on his stupid plays.  Lastly, they can help him work on his Ft's and don't give me his hands are too big, because that's a excuse that excuse makers make. 
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    Re: Fundamental Camp??/

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    You can't show a very very OLD dog new tricks. Just saying...
    Posted by RicoCeltic

    Yes, Fisher is old, isn't he.  He can't even cover his own shadow anymore!!@
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