Future problems?

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    Re: Future problems?

    What problems do you see arising?
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    Re: Future problems?

    Dude, lets worry about this year. I see no problems arising in the future!
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    Re: Future problems?

    Be here now, dude.
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    Re: Future problems?

    This team isn't built for the future, it's built for now, which is why almost no one on this roster is signed for longer than 2 years. I'd say we're in pretty good shape right now.
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    Re: Future problems?

    If we don't win this year,  it won't really matter who we keep.  If we do,  I bet we will keep most everyone.
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    Re: Future problems?

    How are there problems doing that????

    Perk will likely sign a 1 year deal at the max 20% over what he made this year to prove as a healthy starter next year that he is worth the 5/45-50 he may have gotten on the open market pre-injury.

    At the very least the Celtics would offer him just over the full MLE, if another team is ballsy enough to give him that. But Perk is prob not foolish enough to take 5/30 over the 4/40-45 he could get beyond '12 if he comes back next year as an 8-9-2 guy in 28-32 mins who plays the Howard's and Bynum's of the league better than anyone else.

    Everyone knows this is a 2 year run with veteran HOFers. Then cap space and an attempt to add youth to superstar Rondo, decent 3rd option Pierce and a likely solid core of Perk/Baby/DWest/Avery/Erdan all in their 20's.

    Davis can get more than the MLE from us to stay here. But I doubt anyone offers him more than that to leave. How many teams are going to spend 10 million per on a 6'7" 290 lb PF who does a lot of dirty work and is easily a 12-5 player if given 24-28 mins, but would get exposed as a 30+ min starter and is never more than a 4th option.

    I'd say we'd either keep Baby for like 4/24, maybe max 5/40 or sign/draft a backup to KG for 1 yr and then have all that cap space to get a young starter @ PF.

    DWest and Daniels love it here. One of them would prob take the LLE of 2 million to play here another year and go for a last run. If we keep Baby we can split the MLE on West/Daniels.

    The idiotic part of this thread is with Nate, the 'turkish Center' whoes name you can't even congure up (Erdan) and ditto to the 'Notre Dame PF'

    WOW what a fan!

    Nate is under contract next year and the other 2 for a few more years than that at tiny rookie salary #'s.
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    Re: Future problems?

    Likely play this offseason:

    With the LLE we're able to keep DWest. He is the perfect tall PG to pair with smaller SG Nate in '12 and possibly Avery Bradley in the 2 years after that. He likes it here and won't be given big $ elsewhere b/c of the health risk.

    We use the full MLE for 1 year to get classy vet Shane Battier so he can chase a title as a PP backup who is just a little more suited than Marquis to man up the big SF's we'll have to go through.

    Baby takes a long-term deal with a low base like 6 million, just over MLE, but with double that in incentivesa (that don't count towards cap) based on meeting weight clauses, not just like "under 285' or anything, but like BMI/conditioning test related.

    Perk gets the 1 year deal to prove himself w/ a player option.

    Then we have an even better roster next year, despite 4 even older HOFers expected to be major contributors.
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    Re: Future problems?

    Say the salary cap is the current 58 million after next year... 

    (we know Shaq will retire and are 99% sure that JON will not be wanted back even if he doesn't retire).

    ....Here is a great option:

    Pierce and Rondo = 27 million

    DWest = 2-3

    Baby = 5-7

    Perk gets that 5/45 and starts off counting as 7 against the cap

    Erdan = .5

    Trade either Avery or our '12 1st rd pick w/ Harangody for a future #1. Therefore we only have 1.5 committed to a young player there or use all those assets in some sort of sign & trade.

    That leaves us 15 million under the cap

    We offer a max deal to a young exciting player. Let's just throw in the name O.J. Mayo here b/c he will be a restricted free agent and said last week the one player he'd want to play with in the entire league would be Rondo.

    Memphis hopefully won't really match him 5/75. Esp if they have Gay, Conley, Randolph and Gasol extended.

    Even if they match maybe they just do so and then sign and trade him to the team he wants to play for and get Avery, Harangody and 2 1st rd picks in return.

    Battier, KG and Ray split up the MLE to all play for like 500k more than the vet minimum for 2 more years

    C - Perk (32 mins) Erdan (16)
    PF - Baby (32) KG (16)
    SF - Pierce (26) Battier (22)
    SG - Mayo (32) Allen (16)
    PG - Rondo (36) DWest (12)

    That team with an electric all-star backcourt, two playoff tested bigs who are only 28/26 yrs old in Perk and Baby, 3rd option in captain Pierce, who is same age Ray is now, and a solid veteran bench could still compete for a title.

    Then when Pierce comes off the books after '14 and goes to Europe while KG/Ray/Battier all retire. You're looking at Rondo-Mayo-Perk-Baby making 41-43 million and AGAIN the cap space to sign a max young player to join them.
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    Re: Future problems?

    Anymore question about the future maryngary or do you want to be a wet blanket and not enjoy the great ball we're seeing now and think intelligently about how the future could play out w/ us staying an elite power at the same time?

    Cuz I know I do both:-)
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    Re: Future problems?

    Why think that far ahead? We've got to get through this season first. As far as I can see, our concerns in the near future will focus on the health of the veterans, particularly the bigs. If we can make it to the playoffs without any of our guys being extraordinarily hurt and bruised, we've got an excellent chance of winning No. 18.

    The whole point in signing Ray Allen, Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal for two years is to coincide with KG's expiring contract. The team feels it has a two year window of opportunity left for winning championships with the Big 3. Undoubtedly, Rondo, West, Erden, Davis, Robinson and Perkins will make a good core when the Celts go into re-building mode, but so much else can happen in the meantime that may affect the direction that the team will eventually take.