Game 1 Thoughts

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    Re: Game 1 Thoughts

    my thoughts:

    1. despite putting up horrible stats, we were +7 when rondo was on the court. when he's aggressive, I can live with the LBJ chasedowns, because he still makes the game easier for everyone else. needed to stay out of foul trouble.

    2. we won the second half. we were rusty in the first half because we haven't played for a week.

    3. pierce and kg effectively played LBJ and bosh to a draw. I'll take that anyday. wade did a lot of damage from outside, and we can live with that; he's not that good a shooter. ray did what he could and punished him on the other end.

    4. james jones won them the game. stupid defensive lapses left him open.

    5. the celtics haven't lost a game 2 in the big 3 era.
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    Re: Game 1 Thoughts

    KG and Bosh cancelled each other out Pierce matched James even with not playing last 7 minutes... problem was early on Bibby and James kinda shut Rondo down and he got the 3 early fouls besides that somebody forgot James Jones won the 3 pt contest... but on a positive our bench wasn't too bad today... Im confident we will win on Tuesday I don't see JJ getting 20+ again
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    Re: Game 1 Thoughts

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    The bench played no D, Davis was a minus 21!
    Posted by Goofywocky

    i don't blame davis for that stat.  they did not involve him offensively.  he showed he came with his shot and they got him nothing.  he could have operated in the post, again, one post up and that's it. 

    the reason why davis' plus/minus is awful when we lose is because he is in there for BOTH stinkouts- when the bench loses the lead and then when the starters come back in and play patsy-pansy and go down the drain again.  more a reflection of overall team timidity then a knock on davis himself.

    if davis had 10 or 12 shots then i'd say he had something more to do with it.  he was passable on the boards and got few looks on offense.  he should be a major factor in this series, but he cannot make his own shots.   they need to post him or swing the ball.  there was no posting and he was open a bunch of times for perimeter floor spreaders but never got the ball because we were too busy reversing the ball back the way it came from, where the defenders were all ready to clog things up.

    all in all a moronic game by everyone but ray.  if we're not going to run post plays for jerlame, davis and KG, we might as well forfeit the series.  joel anthony may be plucky, but he can't deal with 6-11 o'neal, 7 foot KG and davis has enough weight to asse him around just fine.  same thing for bosh.  when ilgoskasauras is in there, take him outside and make him look like the statue he is.