Going to come out and say what everyone else was/is thinking, and what was on my mind following the game 5 victory.

Winning game 5's is not ideal in a tied series, especially as the road team.

Fact is, the majority of the time, the team on the brink of elimination will come out, arms swinging, with their teeth-bared, knowing that if they can win that night, it's a series again. 

Miami wins tonight, they get a huge mental boost, the series is tied again, and they get to go home to an electric home crowd. 

I had the same ominous feeling following the game 5 win against the Lakers back in 2010.

It's just not an ideal situation.

You get a huge victory in game 5, get a sense of security after a huge emotional win, and naturally you come out flat, and the other team comes out amped up. Once that other team wins game 6, it's a tough situation.

I still hope, and sorta expect that this gritty team can pull out a game 7 victory in Miami, but it won't be easy. But if there is anything this team has taught me, it's that they defy the odds.

Let's go Celtics. Go to Miami on Saturday, and punch that Finals ticket. 

I suppose it's good that LeBron got his monster game out of the way, and he should cool off for game 7. I also expect Pierce, Rondo, and KG to play much better than they did tonight -- they really couldn't have played any worse, and the only place to go is up. Opposite for LeBron -- he can only come down.

Let's go Celtics -- take game 7 and let's get on the way to #18!