Game 7 finals vs Lakers ----deja vu all over again

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    Game 7 finals vs Lakers ----deja vu all over again

    Even if we had won I wouldn't have felt confident going forward. We live or die on outside shooting. Hate to open up old wound Game 7 finals(w/o egregious discrepancy in foul shots & blowing a 13 pt lead), we got out rebounded and that's what won game 7. Yup,we won 3 out of 7 because on those nights our outside shooting game was better than theirs. Tonght with only 5 FTs couldn't we have driven to the basket within the last possession seconds in Reg time and OT ???

    I'm reading on the thread, it's OK we had a bad shooting night ! A good rebounding team can have a bad shooting night and still win. Lakers can toss up 3s and miss them because they have the percentages getting the rebounds. We don't have that luxury. Game 7 they shot a pathetic 32% while we shot 40% but when you get shot after shot the blind chipmunt finds an acorn after a while.

    Whom would you rather have had on your team tonight..

    Rondo 14 pts/2reb(yup I know he's only a PG)

    or Gasol(25 pts/14reb)...he's been called soft...a plastic explosive is also soft !!! 
    Personally, I think KG is soft !!! At least softer than Gasol.

    Case the trade if available and we'll worry about getting PG later. With Gasol and KG, they can either put in the rebound or toss it out to Pierce, Allen, Pietrus, Bass etc. 
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    Re: Game 7 finals vs Lakers ----deja vu all over again

    So true.  It shows that it may not have mattered where the game seven was played.  You don't box out you get creamed on the boards.  The thing is that boxing out makes the game so much easier, less jumping, less wear and tear.
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    Re: Game 7 finals vs Lakers ----deja vu all over again

    Celtics lost the game cuz the Celtics had the ball in the wrong players's hand.  The ball should go to Allen or Pierce.  Not Rondo, Garnett, or JO!!!  Maybe Rondo if he can find a way to drive to the basket.  Still, give the ball to either guys I mentioned above!!

    Plus the foul disparity is ridiculous!!!  21 fouls to 12 fouls while Lakers goes to the line 21 times to Boston only 5 times!!  Come on, this is the Celtics homecourt, and the homecourt usually get more calls than the opponent!!

    If the Celtics play them in 7 games, the Celtics will win.  Why?  The Celtics have better bench than the Lakers!!!  

    Quit worry about the rebounding problem!!
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    Re: Game 7 finals vs Lakers ----deja vu all over again

    Since back in my day (a long time ago), it's generally not advisable to drive at the end of a game. You'll get hacked and the ref's won't call it. They don't want to decide a game with free throws.

    Attack the hoop all game long but shoot the jumper at crunch time. That was the rule then and I think it still applies...

    unless you're LeBron who goes to the line if someone gives him a dirty look.
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