Had to kick it off early - have softball games at 6 and 7:30.  If we can play well and get the 10-run mercy rule invoked, I might be able to make the start of the game.  Did not want to chance it because I HAVE TO KICK THIS OFF!  So here goes.

Each game we play equates to the most important game of the season.  Tonight, I think we play the FULL FORTY-EIGHT.  I think Bosh's return actually slows the Heat down and destroys some of their chemistry.  He won't be in game shape and I think it will eventually show in his shots and defense.

Rondo, Ray and KG will have to lead us tonight.  We also HAVE to get production from the bench.  I think tonight out bench steps up big-time like they haven't in the playoffs.

Bottom line, I think tonight we finally look like a team for the entire game and hand Miami a shocking loss.  Tonight, somebody will be standing on the brink of elimination and it's my bet it'll be the Heat.

Let's go get it!  Let's go Celtics!

I'll be back online after my games.