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Game Thread: Celtics vs Kings

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    Re: Game Thread: Celtics vs Kings

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    So if we move Green, and some bigger pieces who can we get?  Amazing that ten games ago the weakness on this team was  not as evident.  Rondo has not been consistent but how could he be? You have players like Pierce going for forty and thirty-six in consecutive and then doing nothing. 

    Danny can't make a deal maybe.

    Doesn't matter if Ainge makes a deal or not. The Celtics already took the first step in the right direction when Ray and JO left.

    If Ainge can't make a deal then we'll be battling for the 8th seed all season long.

    It's very obvious Doc is showcasing Bass and Lee. So Green, Lee, and Bass will total 20m. Can Ainge make a deal or not remains to be seen.

    Right now Amare is the only one clearly available. So I would deal for Amare because Green, Lee, and Bass are not a good fit for this Celts team.

    What do you mean showcasing?  Teams have a scouting report on both guys a mile long. You showcase someone that hasn't shown much yet, not players that have been in the league for years.  Amare would more than likely just prolong our agony.  Another older type player that has seen his better days and probably will get worse and worse.  We don't need any more of that.  No thank you.  Not that the Knicks wouldn't trade him but I don't remember seeing anything saying he was for trade.

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    Re: Game Thread: Celtics vs Kings

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    The question is can Jeff Green become a 20-point scorer like Paul Pierce. If the answer is "yes" then he's worth keeping. But if not, then it's time to move him.

    To further elaborate, can we count on Jeff Green to carry the team in a Game 7 of a playoff game?

    If Jeff Green starts and plays consistent minutes (32+) at 3 for 1-year, he will become a 20+ points scorer.  But he will not be a Paul Pierce.  Paul is a complete player.  Jeff doesn't have it all.  Jeff can max be a #2/3 option on a team.