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Rondo was aggressively going to the basket in OT.  THAT's the way he should play all game long.  This assist record thing has him playing to dribble the entire time and make hero passes rather than being the one man wrecking crew he is capable of being, ala Tony Parker, Westbrook, DWill, etc.

Rondo is looking to just dribble the clockdown and look for the hero pass.  he is looking for the person who has the best oppportunity to score.  Why should he have to be like DWill or Westbrook or Tony Parker? Tony had to take over as the team aged when he didn't have as much help.  If you don't like the offensive sets then blame Doc because he draws up the plays.

Ahhh, my friend, but you are wrong.   Doc calls some plays (all plays after out of bounds) but up and down the court, they've turned over play calling to Rondo.  Doc admits it and that's the whole "this is Rondo's team now" thing.   Clearly, he's calling those plays during the up and down of the game.  Why should he score - because Paul and KG are old (like you said Spurs are old) and  its a lot easier on all of the other players when Rondo drives and creates havoc with the opponent's defense.   Why do you think the Spurs, the Bulls when Rose is available, and teams like that have an easier time scoring?   Their PG can take some of the scoring load....that's why.  ROndo is clearly capable of doing that as he shows in the playoffs and late in the game last night (and late in some other games this season).  Imagine if he had less focus on assists (like that STUPID fast break blunder he did last night) and he just scored on penetrations and fast breaks.  Imagine how much KG and Paul would have to run less and how our offense would struggle less!

Rondo DOES call his own plays, but i think its clear and has been clear that Rondo is a diff player than a DWill or Westbrook. He doesnt NEED to score 25 a nite to be succesful, bc he has a unique ability to dominate a basketball game without scoring. And on the subject of getting teammates easy shots, Rondo is a magician at that. Players dont get easier shots than Rondo gives the C's. He penetrates a kicks to a almost always wide open Bass, KG, Sully, PP, or anyone else thats on the court. I mean come on, just watch him work, C's players dont have to work hard at ALL to score bc Rondo sets everything up and gets them in the rite spot and delivers on point wide passes.