Game Thread: Celtics vs Spurs

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    Re: Game Thread: Celtics vs Spurs



    Ainge will just laugh at us. Last summer the Celts had 2 options, blow it up and rebuild through the draft or stick with the old guys. Fans wanted the old guys back because it went to the ECF. We just got what we asked for.


    ainge also had another choice- tell KG that if he really wants to "win it all" he needs to sign for between 1 and 3 million so that BOS could build a supporting cast of something more the flunkies, floozies and losers that they have now. 

    KG's 11 (ELEVEN) MILLION DOLLLAR salary is looming large over this team, especially when we are OVER paying pierce at 15 million.  you just could not afford a second mistake like that.  KG has booked 350-400 MILLION in his career- the difference b/t 2 and 11 million is NOTHING to him if he REALLY wanted to stay in BOS with the BEST CHANCE of the team winning.  it really is as simple as getting an omer asik or chris humphries type of functional 4/5 to do dirty work- we are MISSING THAT and courtney lee is just a disaster.  jason terry is old but not signed at a bad price.  green is another self made disaster at 9 million.....


    so many mistakes, so little leeway FOR mistakes.  add to that another year of rondo with 58% free throws and meek and timid contributions to the offensive remaining the norm with few outbursts to actually LEAD the team the way a player with his physical gifts can- see ty lawson- a guard who is not even as talented as rondo is in my estimation.  but mercurial is the new cool, right?

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    Re: Game Thread: Celtics vs Spurs

    In response to Petey62's comment:

    Right now, this Celtics team is not good at all. We are not improving as a team.

    Doc and Danny need to shake things up.  It's time to make some lineup changes and rotation changes.

    how about if we shake doc right out of the picture?  the team is performing WORSE than their given skill level.  there is no excuse for lack of hustle, lack of discipline, lack of heart.  other than the leader is asleep at the wheel OR DRIVING THE PLAYERS CRAZY WITH THE SAME OLD SONG

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