Gary Harris vs. Marcus Smart

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    Re: Gary Harris vs. Marcus Smart

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    Not comparable players

    If Smart was 2" taller, 35 lbs lighter and a volume shooter with little desire to play defense instead of of a bell cow driver who plays all over the court, defends like a beast and lacks an above average shot you might have a point.

    There are not a lot of combo guards with Smart's 220lbs of muscle in the history of the game. I'd think Fat Lever, Dennis Johnson, Sam Cassell, Hersey Hawkins, Andre Miller...  all were probably heavier than the 185-200lbs they were listed at, but none were as strong and atheltic in their primes as Smart.

    Larry Hughes is like Jamal Crawford, Kendall Gill, Jerry Stackhouse, Jim Jackson...


    You should pay more attention.


    I said the comparison is to Larry Hughes because same as Hughes, the expectations are high on Smart heading into the NBA.

    But Larry Hughes is not excellent at anything particular.

    That's the comparison right there.

    I didn't say they have the same body type or height.


    Marcus Smart does a lot of things well.

    But he doesn't excel at one particular aspect of the game.

    Is Smart a scorer like Wade?

    A passer like Rondo?

    Or a shooter like Ray Allen?


    Smart is a great basketball player in college.

    But can he be great in the NBA if he's just above average in everything he does?


    Thanks for clarifying what you 'meant' as far as a comparison of players who are not similar in skill-sets.

    There was no further info on this thread of what you 'meant' so I simply had to clarify in case you were comparing them as guards on the basketball court and not comparing 'expectations' or 'good at many things great at nothing' metaphors.


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    Re: Gary Harris vs. Marcus Smart

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    Exum or Ennis over Smart.

    But....if we keep Rondo, we have to go with Harris.  Limited question, but I'd take Harris over Smart

    Trade Rondo and get Ennis...his coach sez he's could be the best guard he's coached...pretty good comment..

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