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    In Response to Re: GIVE RONDO A BREAK!!:
    i think Rondo deserves criticism for what he did..but it goes overboard when people start saying "sit him extra games' or "trade him as soon as the offseason comes". i mean, really? kg and pp have all had inexcusable things happen during their careers, but none have received that level of criticism. well, paul earlier in his career maybe. its fair, but its not consistent with what others on this team have done, and thats what bothers me. if it was KG that did the EXACT same thing, not one person would be on here saying "sit kg game 3 to teach him a lesson" or "let him walk in the offseason."  be consistent with your beliefs.
    Posted by JamezHill24

    +1 .rondo hatred is an incurable disease
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    In Response to Re: GIVE RONDO A BREAK!!:
    In Response to GIVE RONDO A BREAK!! : With any number of other point guards that could shoot and or make free throws they would have likely won two more titles.  Give him a break?  Why?  After being in the league 6 years he makes bonehead turnovers all the time, tries to make passes that are not there, barely leads the league in assists when he has 3 great shooters to whom he has the luxury of passing the ball, and whose team has a better winning percentage without him than with him?  Give him a break - give me a break.....  trade him for Teague and whatever else it takes to make the money work, Teague and any number of other players or picks or better yet, Teague and Smith and then have the Cs throw in Ray's contract to make it work.....  When Danny puts out feelers and the other teams laugh and when the two finals will have marginal point guards at best - in OKC most don't even consider Westbrook a point guard, some will finally realize what I have said all along - BIGS and WINGS win titles, point guards are usually dragged along......  the last 20 years - Jordan, Pippen, Duncan, Shaq, Kobe, and Hakeem are the reasons teams won titles - the teams that lost those titles - Patrick, 'zo, etc.  The only two good point guards that have won titles in the last 20 years are Billups and Parker, most of the time point guards like Fisher, Paxson, Kerr, 50 year old Kidd, White Chocolate have won titles.......the point guard position is vastly overrated and having a vastly overrated point guard as some sort of building block of the future renders the whole decision making process kind of a simple brain f art if you don't deal Rondo to a team that values one way more than they should...........  The Clips get CP3 and Billups and their season falls apart when Billups goes down.. things that make you go hmmm.... with Nash, Kidd, Williams, Paul, and any number of other point guards that are more complete the Cs would have raised two more banners in the BIG 3 era........... but at least we have a whiny immature point guard that cannot shoot and cannot be on the floor in crunch time to bring along all of the young players that will make up the bulk of the roster in the coming years.....  25 wins and let the rebuilding begin....
    Posted by TheDUDDER

    Has anyone on this board been more consistantly wrong than Dud bud? 
    I actually find Elven more enlightening, and less predictable.   

    Are there any Celtics fans here besides me that like Elven's posts better than Dud's?
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    In Response to Re: GIVE RONDO A BREAK!!:
    In Response to Re: GIVE RONDO A BREAK!! : i have both those idiots on ignore whats sad is Dud is a racist and a knick fan but people actually respond to him asi if he's a celtic fan.... he used to say he'd take Chris Duhon and Luke Ridnour and a host of terrible guards over Rondo... he has been proven 100% WRONG
    Posted by rameakap

    Yes I remember the long lists of mediocre guards duddo would prefer over Rondo...   amazing that he is not embarrased enough to stay off the board...   but he just keeps coming back.   

    I didn't realize Dud was a Knick fan...   that explains a lot,,,  ie his rant about the importance of Bigs and wings...   with Stoudemire and Anthony the Kinicks would be sure to fair well against teams like the Heat...   wait.. they are 0 and 6 against the Heat  so far this year.    no wonder dud's  feeling cranky.