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    Re: J. O'Neal, K.G., and Paul

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    In Response to J. O'Neal, K.G., and Paul :         Do you know anything about basketball? O'Neal was horrible in the play-offs for Miami last year. Abysmal. Do you just selectively disregard this? Garnett is a year older. Peirce was not the same player against LA in the finals he'd been in 2008 and he is also a year older. Get real.
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       Watch baseball,, it is your game for sure.
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    Re: go celts

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    J., K.G., Paul should be impossible to guard.  All three can post and all three can hit the mid-range shot, and they are good passers and rebounders and they have great experience.  How do you guard them without giving up something good?  If we have a coach who can think, just think about Ray Allen and West with the ability to shoot and move with these threee guys.  There is no need to worry about points.  Rondo will be fine to , I know he is supppper but sent home from overseas beacuse he can't shoot, but out bench is loaded with shooters.  The only problem we have is , do we have the coaches with the guts to play the right plalyers at the right spots and motivate them.
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    I like you putting it on the coaches because in my opinion that is where we have room for improvement.  I think Doc's a good coach, but he didn't manage Ray's (for one) minutes in the play offs well at all.  Some other moves he made had me shaking my head as well.  But you're right, Doc will have ample opportunity to experiment with creative line-ups on the floor.  Let's hope he uses them all.

    Like many of us have pointed out, the new, humbled Rondo should get 4 or 5 more assists per game just dumping it in to Shaq and Jermaine, and I'm assuming by season's start they will have become accustomed to having the ball appear out of nowhere when Rondo finds them and they will finish, and not have the troubles Perk had last season in that area. 

    I'm also equally psyched about having Delonte available off the bench, and contrary to what some think I believe that a new team and a new culture will have remarkable positive effects on both Shaq's and JO's games.

    Good thread maryngary.