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Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....

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    Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....

    good article on why Ray Allen to Miami may not work out as well as Miami hopes.....

    Last week, Pat Riley wooed another star NBA player to Miami with promises of sun, golf, beaches, and rings. Ray Allen fled cold, hard, cynical Boston for the freedom of playing with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Allen was wined and dined; he was loved and appreciated for a few days. Boston was the wife and Miami was the mistress. Allen chose the mistress.

    When looking at the situations, I can't begrudge Ray Allen. Our fearless leader here at TheFanHub, Dave Jacober, wrote about his feelings about Ray's departure earlier this week.

    However, I found some pitfalls that could make Allen miss his old buddies in Boston once the NBA season kicks of in October. I wonder if he thought about these while he stared at the beautiful women and drank expensive wine.

    The Coach

    Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

    Erik Spoelstra seems like a nice enough guy, and he proved he has some coaching chops this postseason, mainly by allowing LeBron to be awesome and getting out of his way.

    He handled adversity well, too. His head was on the chopping block during the Pacers and Celtics series, but lucky for him his fate was better than Ned Stark's.

    Erik Spoelstra is young; he’s 41, which is only four years older than Ray Allen. And it seems like Allen’s departure from Boston was partly driven by being told what to do by people he did not think were as smart as he is. However, Spoelstra also goofs around with rotations and speaks in strange analogies.

    This relationship could be very interesting to watch.

    Ray's Role

    The issue here lies with how Ray is going to be handled. He didn't want to come off the bench behind Avery Bradley in Boston, but is he going to have to do the same for the Heat, right?

    I can't imagine a starting line-up of Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Allen, LeBron, and Bosh. Maybe that's how games end, but starting LeBron at power forward and asking him to take that beating for 82 games doesn't make sense.

    It's more likely that Ray plays with the second-unit, the same role he didn't want in Boston. Ray Allen has played in 1,148 games in his career; he has started in 1,140 of those games. Now he will have to take on a new role, with a new team, and we'll see how much he likes it.

    "We just want to chill."

    Chris Bosh once said, "(Spoelstra) wants to work; we want to chill." Well, this is exactly the type of environment Ray thrives in.

    Now, I know this quote is from the start of the Big Three era in Miami, but they are coming off a championship and it might ring true again (no pun intended). Winning in back-to-back seasons is hard for a few reasons:
    1) You have a target on your back.
    2) You play a longer season.
    3) You tend to rest on your laurels.

    Something tells me that some of the guys in that locker room might be OK with what they did last year, and relief is a dangerous ingredient in the recipe for success. (Note: LeBron is also spending the next month in London playing in the Olympics, while Wade will be recovering from knee surgery).

    Rajon Rondo > Mario Chalmers + Norris Cole

    I’m not sure whom Ray will be sharing the court with, however, I am assuming that Chalmers or Cole with be running the offense (to a certain extent).

    It has been well documented that Ray and Rajon did not get along (I personally do not think that all the blame should be on Rondo for that). So I wonder what type of relationship Allen will have with these two young point guards who might not deliver the ball as well as Rondo has for the past five seasons. Chalmers is a cocky player who has won at every level he has played, and Norris Cole has a ridiculous flat top.

    Both those things might annoy Ray.

    Ray Allen + The Big Three

    Perhaps Ray’s Miami deal came with a new accessory?

    Ray also reportedly didn't like the fact that the Big Three in Boston had grown to a Big Four. Well, Ray won't have to worry about that at all in Miami. He'll be on the outside looking in at three younger players who have had more success in a shorter period of time than him. Wade has more rings than Allen, while LeBron and Bosh have the same amount at a much younger age.

    LeBron is thought to be the smartest player currentlyin the NBA , and maybe ever. Allen didn't like that Rondo was telling Allen what to do. But somehow Allen will be OK with LeBron barking at him in the fourth quarter or asking him why he isn't wearing his glasses without lenses for the press conference?? We'll have to wait and see.

    The Heat just won, meaning Allen has nothing to add.

    The Heat are coming off a championship, without the help of Ray Allen; they won with Mike Miller shooting threes from the corner. They have proven they can win without Ray Allen, so what does Allen gain by going to a team that just won?

    Nothing, nothing at all.

    People talked about Nash joining the Heat, but as soon as the Heat won that went out the window. I think Nash wanted to go somewhere he could be successful and also win and feel like he added something. He’s doing that with the Lakers, while Allen is just another piece in the Heat arsenal. It makes them better, but they were already the best last year.

    I'll miss watching Ray Allen run off screens and nailing impossible jumpers from the corner I'll miss his mom in the crowd. I'll miss the old Big Three, but now the Celtics have a new trio.

    I hope Ray has fun chilling with his new buddies in South Beach, and I hope the Celtics give him some extra time off in the summer.

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    Re: Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....

    In Response to Re: Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....:
    " RayRay took a major pay cut for the privilege of not playing with a teammate whom he had grown to hate" Wrong, trollish one. There were several big reasons Ray left and Rondo was one of them but not the only one. Ray resented losing his starting job to Bradley which was ultimately Doc's call, but Rondo was smart enough to advocate for it as well. Doing so turned around their season. Ray was utlimately a bit of a prima donna and now he's gone. It would be an ideal time for you to move on as well, we're all so sick of how you tie every thread into a failing of Rondo's, real or imagined. 
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker

    My.... you've grown so small and bitter over the years, spankygurl. 

    24/7 Nipping at trolls'  heels, calling them out, making them cry.

    For that and more, you get the distinguished  Deputy Barney Fife Special Achievement Award for Courage under Fire here at BDC.

    Congrats... make Barney proud... and keep up the good work!

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    Re: Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....

    good for you puddinpuddin -- an old enough to know better internet antagonist working on your antagonist game in the off season. by all means take a bow! and try not to let this place consume you.

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    Re: Good article on why the Ray Allen move may not work out for the Heat.....

    On the lighter side, Ray Allen's move may not work out for the Heat because he is only accustomed to wearing green jerseys (or jerseys with green trimmings) during his pro carerr -- Milwaukee, Seattle and Boston. When playing the Celtics, he may pass the ball to his former teammates or score the game winning 3-pointer in their basket.
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