Gordon vs McDermott

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    Gordon vs McDermott

    Aaron Gordon


    • Great defender. Can defend 3s.

    • Great rebounder.

    • Great court vision (can pass).

    • Can bring the ball up court like a PG.

    • Great in TRAN.

    • High BB IQ.

    • Unselfish player.

    • Will turn 19 in September.


    • Wretched FT shooter (44%).

    • Numbers fell across the spectrum in conference play.

    • Might not be lengthy enough to play 4.

    • If he can't fix his shooting mechanics, won't be much more than a role player, albeit a good one. TBH, would you use the #6 on a role player? Ask the Bobcats how they feel about MKG.

    • Utah might take him at #5.


    Doug McDermott


    • Deadly 3pt shooter.

    • Can pass.

    • High BB IQ.

    • Showed surprising ATHL at the Combine.

    • Knows how to play D - help D, P/R D, etc. and can pick up D schemes.

    • Can move without the ball.

    • Can score from anywhere.

    • Has successfully mimicked Dirk right knee kick on fadeaways an spot jumpers.

    • Is a Senior, but has been consistently productive throughout is 4 year career.


    • Knows how to play D, but lacks strength and length to defend 4s and there are doubts about his ability to guard 3s.

    • Can score inside, but lack of length and explosiveness will hinder his ability to finish around the rim.

    • Don't expect him to rebound. You'll be disappointed.

    Assuming these links work...


    Aaron Gordon Scouting Video


    Doug McDermott Scouting Video


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    Re: Gordon vs McDermott

    McDermott will have less pressure on him to be the man in the NBA which could translate to other parts of his game improving.

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    Re: Gordon vs McDermott

    Pros - McDermott - highest PER rating per Draftexpress in either first or second round, by a good two points!

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    Re: Gordon vs McDermott

    I'm not crazy about either guy...and this draft, if we actually pick at #6 and don't trade it, has to be a starter and a good one.

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    Re: Gordon vs McDermott

    i think both players are reaches at #6 and that gordon is a redundancy given our current roster makeup. i honestly think both players are role players at this point. mcbuckets may never be more than that. gordon has potential, but a way to go before he's there.