Gortat wants to leave suns

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    Re: Gortat wants to leave suns

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    I agree with this article, if Ainge wants him it may take Bass and Bradley to get him. Frankly I think it would improve the team ( though losing bradley hurts in the longer term).

    I also like the idea of including Dudley in any deal , especially if it means we move Jeff Green. $8Million plus...PLEASE!!



    Dudley over green?? are u serious?? nah..

    dudley averaging 8.5 ppg, 42% FG in 27 mpg despite of being the starting SG for suns

    Green is averaging 8.2ppg, 44% FG in 22 mpg "OFF THE BENCH"



    Dudley is a natural SF and better defender at that position than Green. It is not a point of 'who is the more talented player' it is a point of inserting Green into a trade package over Sully and Bradley, two players I value more.

    Dudley fits better as a 20-24 min backup to Pierce and makes HALF what Green does over the same length of contract. He won't have dunks like the one Green did on Big Al, but he's shot 40% on 3's in his career and is a real tough kid, a BC alum also. 

    I'd rather move Lee, Melo and Green for Gortat and Dudley in December than Bass, Bradley and Melo for Gortat in January.

    thank you...Dudley contract is half of Greens...better defender than Green ...better 3 pt shooter  than Green


    Dudley and Gortat= $11.5 M Salary


    Bass ($6M)Green ($8.37) Bradley ($1.6)= $15.9M


    Phoenix unloads W. Johnson to make the deal work ( $4.2M, last year od deal)

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