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Grading Ainge

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    Re: Grading Ainge

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    Well our one saving grace may be that Ainge drafts pretty good...with the exception of Giddens.

    My grades for Ainge

    A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=0


    Coach hiring - A

    Free Agents - B

    Trades - D

    Drafting - A

    Contract Extensions - B

    Salary Cap Managment - B

    Overall Score = 24

    Avg Grade = B


    If we are fair that's probably about right. I'd like to see what some of your grades are for him...this should be funny.






    I agree with most of your grades, but a D in trades?????  Garnett trade, Allen trade, Jeff Green for Perk,  traded with Suns to get Rondo.  If anything, I'd give him a lower grade for free agents - maybe a C and it's not all his fault.  When he signed Wallace, that was universally regarded as a great move by everyone, but who knew Wallace was going to kick back with his feet up and coast into retirement.  Shaq was a good gamble - 1 year, veteran minimum, what did we lose by that.  J.O. was another dog.  Courtney Lee was an awful move.  We're all miffed that we couldn't bring in a good big man in the last couple of years, but there really haven't been any available either.


    Agreed, I'd give a higher grade for trades -- KG, Allen and to a lesser extent Jeff Green are trades where the C's were clearly the winner.  (You could debate that the Perk for Green trade hurt them in the short term in the finals but will benefit them in the long term as they rebuild.)  DA also traded for Rondo.  Re: free agents, I think that DA has had a much spottier track record there.  


    Look, the Celts got to two(?) finals, the ECF and the playoffs consistently with the big three.  I generally think DA's approach of drafting the best player available and accumulating assets such as young players and additional draft picks is a solid way to build a team.  I like his approach, and I hope he's here for many more years, or at least until time proves his approach is flawed -- if it is.  

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    Re: Grading Ainge

    The Jiri Welsch trade got us Ray Allen which got us KG.

    No one ever mentions that.

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    Re: Grading Ainge

    Grade on tonight's draft - D