LEANING TOWARDS sean.. like his eei show with max. 2hours on a sat, who would have thought their would b big demand for this stuff in the off season. fact is clips have always been losers, never ceasing to allow great opps to pass them by. they are known for taking defeat at the jaws of victory like now. max pointed out how it should b a no-brainer to give the celts 2 firsts for doc while giving him a new 5 year 35m deal... its about the box office. they will own LA, get on tv, be the second most marketed team after the heat.. jersey sales and everything else will bump up. doc brings instant legitmacy.

looking  at he big pic, they have the most to gain regardless of the price. of course by havung both doc's right head men follow thru those doors incl coaches should also b no-brainer. these guys arent ready for the big time. if i'm doc, this is y i would balk. then again, the laks are a dysfunctional disaster as wel in terms of ownership. but they have a rings pedigree. no way, if they were interested it would take this long with the nickel and diming. i'm leaning towards NOTHIN gettin done and CP leaving clipland as well as they lose everything for being the LOSERS they have always been!