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Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

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    Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

    In Response to Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.:
    Good thread... Stern and crooked NBA refs ruined the game...I say that in past tense.. its already ruined. I watch the Celtic games mainly and a sprinkling of other regular season games and the playoffs/finals.  When the refs go into their act, I wonder how the players bite their tongue and fists, I really do. I just figure with the money they make, they dont let it bother them much. I guess if I got called on a BS call and knew the ref did it purposely, Id just think back to the $2-20 mil Im making this season and let it go too. Cant speak out and risk ending the gravy train. Hopefully at some point, the fans turn on the game and stop supporting it. I dont spend a nickle to watch the Celtics... I live in NYC area and watch most of their games online, when theyre not on national TV.  I also listen in to the WEEI broadcast I get thru for free. If I get tickets to a Nets or Knicks game, they are for free. I wont buy their ripoff soveneirs, Ill take my kids to eat before we go.... and Ill buy some stuff to eat/drink during the game...I guess they get me there but its only a few games a year. Frankly, theres not much I watch in the NBA except the Celtics and a few other teams because of certain players I like to follow like Dirk, Lebron, Rose etc... but I wouldnt watch if it cost me 50cents. Theres even a part of me that roots against the NBA in the Olympics/World championships.  I want them to lose often so somebody wakes up and realizes how the league is going downhill... gets rid of Stern... gets the game back to being called fairly and played the right way
    Posted by Karllost

    We really share one brain on this topic. I've said it elsewhee, maybe here...I love basketball, and that love of basketball jelps fuel my disgust for the league.

    I originally comented on the bad officiating, and someone brought up the NFL and  MLB? It's mostly been covered how absurd that statement is, but I feel compelled to answer none-the-less. Sure, there are bad calls by any officials in all sports. But an NBA game often turns into a game of absurd makeup calls, crowd driven calls/non calls, and glaring offical egos that ruin the flow of the game.

    In MLB I say an ump blow a perfect game, the whole world did. He came out and apologized and commented on how sick he was. Remember Ed "Hercules" blowing the Jay Cutler fumble/incompletion a few years back? He was so apologetic, the league made him stop talking about it on his twitter account. I can't remember an NBA official ever edmitting anything wrong, and rarely has Stern ever held them accountable. Remember Rivers getting thrown out of a game a few years back for, basically, looking at the ref and asking "what?!" Yeah, he acted THAT outrageously and got a 1 game suspension, what a joke that was. Only recently have some MLB umpires started having such egos, and gthere are PLENTY of people making enough noise about it, and wanting those umps taken out of the game. Where's the outrage from NBA fans? It doesn't exist. Most fans that used to care about officiating I feel have mostly moved on from this league, and now the league is left with a fanbase that largely caes mostly about highlight plays, not substance or integrity. Fact is, every prof. league has sold part of the integrity of their game for money, but the NBA has none left.

    Oh, and if you really think Donaghy was a one-man problem...I'm willing to bet you thought Canseco was full of c r a p about steroids in baseball too. What people way about Donaghy, people said about Canseco, "Axe to grind...bitter...jealous...deflecting negativity..." Canseco was right, and I tend to believe Donaghy too. Nobody has been able to provide me with a reason for him to lie, he gains nothing from lying about it.
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    Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

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    Don't you hate those fans?  Remember the days when you could whine, bellyache, and cry in peace, without disctractions from Lakers fans?
    Posted by icnd

    Those were the days!
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    Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

    I just posted this on the "Celtic meltdown last year worst than the LeBron meltdown this year" and titled by Lakeravenger.

    As many responses to this topic are about officiating, I find my post appropriate for a copy & paste here and, Mea Culpa Celtic fans, for perhaps opening up old wounds re : Game 7 vs. Lakers last year.

    Lakeravenger, Quoting from your post : "Without Bynum hurt, the west would be 11-2. it just goes to show you that the back to backs by the Lakers was an impossible acheivement just getting out of the west, after you do that the east is a piece of cake."

    And to LaLakersman refering to a Celtic fan "Get it through ur head no one wants to hear ur whining!! Theres more important things in life.  Get one!!!"

    Hmmm??? Isn't Lakeravenger whinning about Bynum. If you read below you'll see I do not mention the absence of Perkins in Game 7 last year but if you call the disparity in fouls of 37 to 17 whinning, then so be it !!!

    Let me start by saying that without my seeing a basketball game so one sided in calls, especially a Game 7 finals, we'd be 10-2 and not 9-3 vs.LA in finals. I'm so tired of hearing that Celtics lost because they were too old. Pierce 33, Garnett 34 & Allen 35 total 102 while the Mavs' Dirk 32, Terry 33 & Kidd 38 total 103. I'm not positive on the ages but they are close enough. This game #7 was disgusting and a disgrace to sports. I felt it was almost impossible to win a game when you miss 56 shots, while shooting a whopping 32 percent.  And contributing to that percentage was Kobe's 6-24 or 25%. The offense was pathetic but with some help from the officials I was proven wrong. LA got 37 foul shots to Boston's 17,  + 20 !!! But regarding Boston squandering the 13 pt lead it had in the 3rd qtr., 20 of LA's fouls were in the 4th qtr while Boston had only 6. Boston shot 88% hitting 15 out of 17 foul shots and again the Lakers only shot 67% making 25 out of 37. They got 10 extra points from fouls from 20 extra shots. Again a lousy 50%. And with all this only won by 4 pts. Don't want to open old wounds as this topic was beaten to death in last year's "Tainted Championship" post. I mean in one case Gasol could have been auditioning for "Dancing with the Stars" when late in the fourth quarter, he went up for a shot and clearly came back down and shot it again. Isn't that traveling and a turnover and this happened at a crucial point in the last few minutes. It was so frustrating that the officials changed drastically against the Celtics. Mostly, they allowed the players to play "free" and practically "maul" each other earlier in the game. But then, all of a sudden, they started calling "ticky-tack" calls. The officials were so inconsistent. It was terrible.  I am still disgusted and upset with how this game unfolded.

    I became a Dallas fan after Boston got knocked out & I'm  so happy the "OLD" Mavs beat the Prima Donna LeBron team after they had taken it to the other Prima Donna's Kobe gutless lakers losing in 4.

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    Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

    In Response to Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.:
    wow u people need to go see a phsyciatrist!!! The game 7 loss really ruined your lives!!!! d2f were u ever locked up in an insane asylum?  What meds due you currently take? you should double up on the dose!! You have a lot of issues that are not sports related!!!!
    Posted by LALAKERSMAN

    OK, here's the thing: And you aren't going to like this. But the sooner you accept it, the better off you will be. I get it. The entire reason you come here is so that you can get some sort twisted psychological payoff. You insult me. And I fly off the handle and get all upset and lash out. And you get your twisted satisfaction out of feeling like you have control over me. It's quite pathetic. But I've seen your type a million times. 

    The problem for you is I couldn't care less what you think of me. Not one ounce of my self worth is tied up in what you think of me. And if you want to compare mental health resumes, I'm not the one that spends hours in an internet forum with sole intent of harassing, disrupting and controlling complete strangers, probably under multiple aliases. Maybe you should contemplate how weird your actions here are before worrying about the mental health of others.
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    Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.

    In Response to Re: Great example of why I never watch non Celtics NBA games.:
    df2 do you hate me? Am i getting under ur skin or are you just a very angry person!! Maybe electroshock therapy would work!!  Focus!  Focus! talk about basketball buddy!!!
    Posted by LALAKERSMAN

    Wow! You sure are excited. That's a lot of exclamation points. You seriously don't get it do you? I don't hate you. I don't feel anything towards you. Complete indifference. Maybe a sliver of pity. But that's about it. You can bait me all you want. You are just wasting your time.

    Actually, check that: Now you are wasting MY time. I used to have a strict policy aginst responding to trolls. One I broke mostly because of boredom. And partly because I got tired of the mods doing nothing about it. I'm not mad at you guys. You can't help it. You aren't well. You don't get mad at a puppy for going to the bathroom on your floor do you? It's not the dog's fault. It doesn't know any better. You have to train it to go outside. Unfortunately for society, nobody has potty trained you or the other trolls. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I assume you know how to use a toilet.

    If you want to think you are getting under my skin then go ahead. I've got far better things to worry about. You think whatever you want. But this back and forth between us is coming to an end soon unless you actually have something constructive to say about basketball. Life is too short.

    This exchange is a textbook reminder of how pointless it is to respond to trolls.