I will be the first to congratulate Danny Ainge for his decisions this off-season.  I really did not think he had it in him but he has had a solid off-season of draft picks, re-signings and free agent acquisitions.  Good job Danny!

This takes a whole lot of urgency off the need to grab a starting center (Courtney Lee acquisition).  We can wait until things shake out just a little more.

I think our worst enemy last season was depth (more than rebounding).  We've finished near the bottom in rebounding annually but have always been able to overcome it with our depth.  Last season, we just had nobody to come in when our core players got tired.  Next season, that won't be a problem.  I can easily see the Celtics having a solid, 10-11 player rotation of GOOD PLAYERS.  Unlike last season, our 2nd unit is going to put fear in other teams.  We are going to extend leads next season, not lose them.

We now have TONS OF DEPTH - GOOD DEPTH.  We have a great compliment of players both young and veteran who will make this a very scary team.

Just like that, Danny has somewhat built a core of the future.  I can't say it enough, outstanding.